The best selling perfume of 2020

Jo Malone


Jo Malone London

Jo Malone London is a tribute to English style, elegance, and the perfect gift. Every single scent is elegant and simple and can be combined with other scents. Try Jo Malone London's Scent Pairing ™ concept, where you combine fragrances across, giving you the opportunity to express your very own fragrance individuality. With perfumes made from the highest quality ingredients, and always with a touch of the unexpected, Jo Malone London is a leader in perfume creation. All Jo Malone London products are packed in the most beautiful packaging, and are therefore an obvious gift idea for yourself or someone you care about extra.

Luxurious and seductive

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Cologne brings to mind sweet summer days and flirty eyes. The cologne from Jo Malone smells sensually of juicy, red apples and a lush bouquet of peonies, roses and temple jasmine. Undertones of suede, amber and exotic patchouli frame the scent with a wonderful softness.

Unpack a world of scents

Jo Malone makes it a very special experience to unpack your favorite fragrance at home. Your Jo Malone fragrance is delivered in an elegant box, adorned with the perfume house's characteristic design. A simple, black ribbon is tied like a bow around the box, so the scent is ready for you to give it as a gift - to yourself or someone you want to please.

Mix scents from Jo Malone

Dive into Jo Malone's fragrance universe and discover a myriad of fragrance combinations by mixing the individual fragrances crosswise. For example, give your favorite scent from Jo Malone a new and unique twist of 'you' by applying it in layers together with another Jo Malone scent of your choice.